The guests must have a permanent residence and domicile and upon arrival will have to register at the owners of “B&B Rooi Bij de Knoptoren” with a valid identity document. No photo copy will be made of this document.

Upon the confirmation of a booking at the Bed and Breakfast “B&B Rooi Bij de Knoptoren” the following terms and conditions will apply. These apply to all guests of “B&B Rooi Bij de Knoptoren“.

Smoking is not allowed in the B&B. 

Check-in time in “B&B Rooi Bij de Knoptoren” is between 15.00 and 24.00. Check-out time is before 12.00 noon. Breakfast is between 07.00 and 11.00 am. The guests are requested at arrival to indicate at what time they want to have their breakfast on the next morning. Upon request breakfast times can changed provided this was raised with the owners on time. 

B&B Rooi Bij de Knoptoren” has a maximum capacity of 4 persons, eventually a fifth person is possible after consultation with owners. Children and babies are welcome, however there are no separate children or baby beds available. Just in case the guests ignore the reservation and arrive at the check-in with more than the reserved persons, then the price of the reservation will be changed to the number of persons that want to stay, for prices see our website The maximum number of guests is 4 (5 with consultation of owners), more is not possible and will be refused. In that case the guests have to pay 100% of the full amount of the booking immediately.

Pets are not welcome in “B&B Rooi Bij de Knoptoren“.

The guests need to behave properly in “B&B Rooi Bij de Knoptoren” and adhere to the internal regulations hanging on the wall in “B&B Rooi Bij de Knoptoren“.  In case of violation of the terms and conditions and/or inappropriate behavior and in case the maximum capacity of 4 (+1) persons will not be observed by the guests, the owners are entitled to deny the guests access to the B&B with immediate effect, without further communication or giving reasons and without any refund of expenses.

In case of mutual disagreement the owners’ administration will be decisive unless guests can prove the contrary.


The room can be booked through the reservation system on the website of “B&B Rooi Bij de Knoptoren” or via; ( ). No reservation fee will be charged. A booking can also be made by telephone or by e-mail but the guests will always be requested by the owners to also submit and finalize their booking through the website’s reservation system.

The reservation is only final upon receipt of a booking confirmation issued by the owners.


The total accommodation expenses can be paid by the guests to the account of “B&B Rooi Bij de Knoptoren” prior to the stay or otherwise must be paid immediately at their arrival in “B&B Rooi Bij de Knoptoren” through a PIN- or cash payment. 

The rates for an overnight stay in the “B&B Rooi Bij de Knoptoren” can be found on the website


In the unlikely event that the guests have to cancel their reservation, they are kindly requested to inform the owners as soon as possible by email to or by a telephone call to the owners.

You will please realize that in case of a cancellation from a few weeks to a few days before the check-in date the owners will most likely not be able to re-rent the room. Therefore the owners kindly ask their guests to take this consciously into consideration. 

If the guests must cancel then the following rules apply:

  • Cancellation up till 48 hours before check-in time is free of charge.
  • in case of cancellation from 48 hours up to 24 hours before the check-in time, the guests pay 50% of the full amount of the booking.
  • in case of cancellation from 24 hours before the check-in time, the guests pay 100% of the full amount of the booking.

The due amount must be paid to “B&B Rooi Bij de Knoptoren” within 7 days after the cancellation.

In case of force majeure or unforeseen circumstances, the owners of the B&B have the right to cancel the reservation at all times. Force majeure or unforeseen circumstances means among other things that the B&B is no longer suitable to rent, for example in the event of flood/flooding or fire. In such a case, the owners will – if so desired by the guests- help them to find an alternative accommodation. The owners, however, can never be held responsible for any costs resulting from such a cancellation.


The owners of the B&B are not responsible for any damage, loss or theft of property of the guests. In the event of any dispute, all (legal) costs will have to be paid by the guests. All risks related to the stay in the B&B are to be paid by the guests and the owners cannot be held liable for any personal injuries resulting from a stay at the B&B. Damage and/or missing immovable and movable property in and around the B&B must be reported and refunded immediately to the owners.

In the case of a lost or missing key to the B&B the resulting costs thereof will be charged to the guests of the B&B.